How to turn on a NAS from the Internet using Wake on LAN

Wake on LAN WolOn app

The Problem

The Solution

The Setup

WolOn Wake on LAN setup
  • Broadcast Address filed in most cases can be left empty. You’ll need it only if you have a more complex network architecture and WolOn can’t identify the correct broadcast address.
  • SecureOn is a way of securing WOL protocol. If you enable SecureOn on your computer then you’ll also have to add the password here. In most cases it’s not needed.
  • VPN Accessible — you can check this in case you have a VPN setup on your smartphone to your home LAN. In this case WolOn will try to forward the WOL packet through the VPN tunnel.
  • Select port — just pick any of them. WOL works on ports 7 and 9.
wol_9 — UDP ->
wol_7 — UDP ->
sleep 120
arp -i br0 -s FF:FF:FF:FF:FF:FF
WolOn Wake on WAN setup
  • Router IP/Hostname — in my case my internet provider offers a DDNS service for free, so I could assign a custom URL to my router. If you have a static IP, which is not very common, then just fill that IP in this filed. Otherwise you’ll have to find a DDNS solution and use the custom URL.
  • Status check IP/Hostname — you can fill it in if you also want to see the status of your computer. You’ll have to create a port forwarding rule in router to forward ICMP requests to your computer’s IP.
/usr/sbin/wol -i -p 9 12:EF:EE:32:AE:56

Bonus 🎉 Remote shut down

WolOn remote SSH shutdown command set-up
/usr/bin/echo your_ssh_pass | sudo -S /usr/bin/shutdown -h now
  • Monitor that your computer is on and if it’s not then WolOn will automatically send a WOL packet to turn it on.
  • Schedule WOL packets send at a given time, or repeatedly at selected intervals.
  • It can also work as a plug-in for Tasker, Macrodorid, Automate which unlocks a huge amount of automation options.
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